Lines of Sight: On the Creation of a Literary Magazine

Read my first blog post as Editor-in-Chief of Obra/Artifact, the MFA of the Americas’ Graduate literary journal.


The spiritual world collides with my life only when I’m not expecting it. Ideas spark and I have to tell them to someone. So when Cyriaco Lopes, one of our core faculty in the MFA’s Poetry in the Expanded Field, gathered us in the stone courtyard of El Templo de la Purísima Concepción in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and gave us our assignment—go inside, choose a painting, and meditate on its attributes silently—I stifled a laugh.

The last time I’d studied art was not in an art class, but in Spanish. Despite four years of the language in high school and three in college, I’d regressed back to Spanish II. I still remember the art, oral presentations on Miró, Goya, and an extensive study of Mexican muralists. So after a few cracks about not knowing what I was doing and that I’d accidentally stumbled into art school, I…

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